Sunday, July 26, 2009

Angels & Demons by Dan Brown

Science Vs. Religion

I'd love to say that I couldn't put this book down, but for the first part of this book, I'd be lying. Like "The Da Vinci Code", the introductory chapters had Harvard professor and Symbologist Robert Langdon jetting off to see a dead body, looking at clues and meeting a beautiful woman. Unlike "The Da Vinci Code", I found myself not caring quite so much even though I found the subject more interesting - Science versus Religion, an old battle that is, in my opinion, quite fascinating.

The Illuminati, a centuries- old secret society of scientists appears to have resurfaced and to be taking on religion and the Catholic Church with full force. Our hero Langdon must chase the clues that take him from the dead body and an underground lab in Switzerland to the Vatican City. So far so good, but where it failed to grab me was with the dialogue between Langdon and his sidekick Vittoria, adopted daughter of murdered scientist and priest, Leonardo Vetra. Vittoria has a brilliant mind and with her father was working on some of the highest tech science in the world - proving that God's Creation is scientifically possible; yet I had to roll my eyes as Langdon explained to her that oxygen is an oxidant, or later when she had to explain some of Langdon's own contradictions.

Skip to Vatican City, and the books really starts to pick up the pace. The Pope has recently died and Conclave is about to begin but the four Cardinals most likely to be voted Pope are missing. Langdon, Vittoria & the Swiss Guard are on a countdown to midnight to save the Vatican & the four missing Cardinals from the Hassassin.
Digging through Vatican archives, studying sculptures and hopping through churches, the clues keep coming. Will all the clues be there after hundreds of years? Will they save the Church? Who can they trust? I had my own theories as the story progressed, but one thing I can say without a spoiler, is don't trust any of them!

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