Friday, July 24, 2009

Charybdis by K.A. Thompson

Charybdis by KA Thompson is a little outside my usual reading genre (I usually read lots of horror and sci-fi type books) but I really enjoyed this short book. And with it's currently price at an incredibly low $1.49, it's well worth a read.

From the book cover...

His life littered with the women he's used--including a dead hooker he'd planned on marrying--Chip Davis is ready to move on. A blue eyed teenage wonder has found her way into his life, and he intends to run with her at full speed towards happiness. He knows she's the one, and nothing is going to keep him from holding onto her; not a dead friend, a missing brother, a kidnapped son, or a father whose sudden choice to explore the darker side of his employment will turn him away. Nothing except for his own demons, and, perhaps, the truth.

Charybdis is a very enjoyable novel, following the lives of some very intriguing characters. Although it's told from the first person perspective of several of the characters, the main focus is Chip Davis - not a regular kind of guy by any stretch of the imagination.

But Chip & his family & friends are very likable - you'll root for them, want to shake some sense into them at times & cheer for their successes as the drama of their lives and loves unfolds. They are almost part of the family!

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