Friday, July 24, 2009

Kindle Cover

So... the first thing I had to do was buy myself a beautiful cover for my new Kindle!

I debated a long time before ordering this cover - reading reviews on many different products & even ordering a different one before finally going with the M Edge Prodigy Hinge.

The M Edge Prodigy Hinge is beautiful! The color is stunning, and it has a very high quality look & feel to it. It is not nearly as bulky as I feared it would be - yes, there is a gap on the left side for the light, but unless you're looking for it, it doesn't look odd or out of place at all. With the jacket open and folded back, I'm not even aware of that extra space anyway.

The hinges are very easy to use & it takes a second or 2 to attach to the Kindle - bottom hinge first, then slide the top hinge down & into the Kindle. The Kindle is super secure inside.

I've read complaints about a strong bad smell on these covers, but mine doesn't have that problem at all - no worse than a new leather belt or shoes.

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