Friday, July 31, 2009

Periscope Lighted Folio for the Kindle 2

If you're looking for a cover for your Kindle that does a little more than protect, look no further than the Periscope Lighted Folio for the Kindle 2. Priced at a reasonable $49.95, the Periscope Lighted Folio comes with several extras that a regular cover lacks:

  • built in retractable reading light. Reported to provide 40 hours of usage on a set of 3 AA batteries (Optional Periscope 110/220V Mini Travel AC Adapter available)

  • Deluxe Leatherette Cover with Secure Magnetic Strap and 4 elastic strap. The magnetic strip also allows you to fold back the cover & read one-handed.

  • 5" x 8" Notepad and pen holder.
Weighing in at 13 ounces and measuring 8.2 x 1.2 x 7.2 inches, it is 5 ounces and an inch bigger than my current favorite M-Edge Prodigy Hinge Jacket, but does have some extras not included with the M-Edge.

I certainly like the idea of the built in notepad & pen. Although I personally love the keyboard and note-taking features of the Kindle, and use that a lot, the handy notepad would be great for those unrelated notes that pop into my mind once in a while & ruin my reading pleasures (What's for dinner? Did I send that fax at work? Don't forget to sign up for yoga.) You know, stuff that just pops up when you least expect it.

This all-in-one folio, certainly takes away the need to carry around the extras separately and so far has pretty good reviews.

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