Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tip #3: Add to Wishlist for Kindle eBooks

One of the little oddities about browsing the Kindle edition books is that there doesn't appear to be an "Add to Wish List" button. For many Kindlers, that's not a problem. You can click "Send sample now" for a free sample and have your own version of a wish list on your Kindle homepage.

But for those like me without Whispernet access, what do you do? It's quite simple really. You can add to the wish list still; it just takes one more click.

At the product page, click the Customer Reviews link.

Now, to the right of the screen is a summary box,
with the Add to Wish List button.

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  1. Update 2010: This has now been fixed and an add to wishlist button now appears in Kindle editions!