Monday, July 27, 2009

Tip #4: See your Kindle book notes online!

I hadn't written many notes about books since I left high school, so I didn't think I'd be particularly interested in the notes or highlight features on the Kindle. How wrong I was! Since getting my Kindle this Spring, I've written copious notes on my dinky little keyboard, and highlighted many phrases and sayings that I think are worthy of saving.

Without any other options, they have to be downloaded to the computer via USB & then they are available in the MyClippings.txt file.

However... a couple of months ago, Amazon introduced a way to see your own book notes & highlights online. is a new feature that uploads your book notes & highlights through Whispernet and then posts them on your own private piece of Amazon. Simply log in, select a book & see your notes & clippings.

I've used this feature in a number of ways now - saving poetry & emailing it to my husband; funny quotes to share on forums; in online book clubs or simply writing notes to myself in more complex books that I could come back to later in the book with some answers.

From the page you can access all of your reading list (purchased through Amazon) as well as read reviews of those books, give books your own private 5 star rating, reach Kindle support and your "Manage my Kindle" page.

5 Star Ratings - these can also be done from your kindle to your page. On the last page of every kindle book is a section to rate the book. This rating is your personal ratingm it doesn't go to the book sale page on amazon, but it does go to (private or public, up to you) and you can share on Facebook/ Twitter.

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