Friday, August 7, 2009

Tip #8: Playing Minesweeper

Need a break? Play Minesweeper on your Kindle!

To activate Minesweeper:
Kindle (Original): Click ALT+M
Kindle 2: Click ALT+SHIFT+M

How to Play:
Use the 5-way lever to move about the grid

Click the 5-way on any square. If you hit a mine, you loose.
If you don't hit a mine, the screen displays a batch of numbers. These tell you how many mines are nearby.

M- Place a mine where you think one may be.

Complete the board to win!

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  1. Great tip, thanks, but my Kindle Touch 3G has no ALT button on the keyboard?

  2. Hi, this old tip was for the Kindle 2 that we had at the time, though does work for the Kindle 3 (Kindle Keyboard) and Kindle DX also.

    Since then though, a free version of Minesweeper has been developed that works on all Kindle e-inks. Minesweeper