Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tip #9: ALT Shortcuts for Kindle 2

The Kindle 2 has some built in shortcuts that aren't all listed in the User Guide.
Several are below, and the list may grow as I find more.
When reading
Shift Alt 1-9Change Line spacing
Alt BBookmark page (toggle)
Alt GRefresh pageUseful if page has shadows or faded
Note-taking shortcuts
SYM brings up all symbols, but most common are below
Alt 6 ? (question mark)
Alt 7 , (comma)
Alt 8 : (colon)
Alt 9 " (quotation mark)
Alt 0 ' (apostrophe)
Searching for books from Home Page
Numbers then 5 waySkips to page in book directoryMore info
Letter then 5 waySkips to author/ title if sorted by author/ title More info
Alt Home Open Kindle Book Store
Alt RReload web page
ALT SpaceStart/ Stop musicMore info
Alt FNext Audio TrackMore info
Shift SYMActivate Text to Speech (TTS)
SpacePause/Resume TTS
Alt Z Load picture foldersMore info to come
Shift Alt MMinesweeperMore info
Shift Alt GTake ScreenshotMore info
5 way left or rightDelete ebook from home page More info to come

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  1. Try pressing "Shift+Alt+period". This brings up a 1-bit image of your Kindle serial number and a bar-code-like thing.