Monday, October 26, 2009

James Patterson - Witch & Wizard Pre-order

I recently had a link to the pre-order page of the Witch & Wizard Kindle edition by James Patterson.

When I originally posted the link, the product page on Amazon was titled simply as Book 1. However, in recent days that changed to "Preview", despite still implying it was a full ebook download, stating print length at 320 pages.

With today's release date, the pre-ordered copy winged its way to my Kindle. Alas, a preview is all it is. A 600+ location sampler of the full book being released in December. Although this was a free preview, apologies to those who ordered it through this blog thinking it was a full book freebie.

I guess this free preview was an opportunity to generate some great reviews & so increase holiday sales. Alas, so far it's only generated six 1 star reviews based on some unhappy campers who believed they were getting a full book. I'm sure Mr Patterson will be very disappointed to these 1 stars, and I expect whoever made this boo-boo will be in the doghouse today!

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