Friday, October 23, 2009

Kindle 2 & Kindle International merge

Kindle 2, 2nd generation, is now being merged with International Kindle(K2i) - with the international dropping from $279 to $259 and being simply called the latest generation.
Both identical in design, the functional difference being availability abroad. The upside is that all Kindle latest generation has Whispernet capabilities at home or traveling abroad.

The possible downside? The K2i uses AT&T instead of Sprint. AT&T might be super-duper for international users, but what about US readers?

Above: Sprint Coverage map
Below: AT&T coverage map
(click either for interactive maps)

Clearly, Sprint has more high speed coverage & fewer dead spots.
Many white spots overlap; others are better off with AT&T. Not me though. Until recently, our area was poor for all networks. With an AT&T phone, Verizon wireless laptop & Sprint Whispernet, we were cut off from the wireless world when at home. And recently..... I discovered the joys of Whispernet access right at home. Sitting in bed, I can download new books. Woot!

I'm a little surprised at Amazon ditching the K2 with Sprint. Whispernet is a big plus over most e-readers, and with B&N bringing out nook with wi-fi, why would Amazon knock new US customers back to an inferior service?

Having planned to by a Kindle for my daughter within the next year, and knowing we won't get Whispernet if we get the K2i, I will be keeping my eye on the pricing of used models (Currently, none available on Amazon!)

Kindle 2 refurbs are still being sold at $219, and will still receive full tech support.

Note.... refurbs currently show only 1 available. A little tip - to see how many they really have, I added one to my shopping cart & changed quantity to 999, it says: "We're sorry. You've requested more of Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6" Display, U.S. Wireless), than the 700 available". They won't be running out of stock today!

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