Monday, October 12, 2009

The King & Queen of Perfect Normal

Although I'll always have a soft spot for the original and excellent Charybdis, I personally think The King & Queen of Perfect Normal by K.A. Thompson is one of the best in the 4 book series.

Of course, I am in love with both Terry & Chip - they have a remarkable & enviable relationship - nearly 30 years married & more hopelessly in love than ever, and despite their mistakes along the way, have raised a wonderful family. That absolutely shines through in this book; their unconditional support for one another even when they can't stand the sight of each other, or when faced with some frankly embarrassing and awkward problems!

"The King and Queen of Perfect Normal" has a slightly different tone - maybe a little more mellow than the rest - but that's fine. As each book has progressed to the next, they've all changed somewhat. But it keeps the style of multiple narration, and the characters have stayed completely true to themselves. Reaching middle age, Terry & Chip are still passionate, still fiery, & still as pushy as ever, and they've passed those traits along to their kids. So when they hit some major hurdles, and both also have to face awkward questions and answers about their past, they deal with it as we know they will: strong, forgiving and together.

Very well written, and a joy to once again peek into their lives.
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