Saturday, October 17, 2009

Surviving the Fog

An end-of-the-world/ The Mist / survival story, Surviving the Fog tells the tale of a group of teens, isolated by the fog & forced to create their own society in order to survive. After most of the adults leave the mountain to find out why they no longer have outside communication, the kids wait for days in denial that they may be completely alone.

Reminiscent of Lord of the Flies by William Golding, a clear leader emerges, hunters (spears) & fighters train, rules are made & leadership is challenged as they learn to cope, and realize that not only do they have a harsh winter ahead but they might not be the only survivors. And not all survivors have the same goals in mind.

Mike makes a likable & believable leader, strong in the face of some of the horrors, & instills strong rules and severe punishments for those who step out of line, or who bring different ideals to the camp. As they come into contact with other survivors, Mike must decide who becomes part of the camp, who they should avoid & who is punished.

Very enjoyable book & at just $1 for the Kindle edition, a bargain too!

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