Friday, October 9, 2009

Whispernet expanding...

Last week on the Kindleboards, one lucky eReader announced that their previously Whispernet-challenged Kindle started picking up signal at their home. Yay, they were happy. Yay, I was happy for them! I rushed to check my Kindle, but no such joy occurred in my home. I was resigned - as usual - to no service in my area.

That's okay. Over the past few years of living in rural Pennsylvania I've become used to no cell phone signal, no wireless internet & of course, no Kindle Whispernet.

So imagine my shock & awe last night, sitting on the sofa, e-book in hand to suddenly see the little bar at the top of my screen say "Items Downloaded." HUH? I think I gave my poor hubby a bit of a fright with my sudden shriek - followed by him shaking his head as I exclaimed "I got a signal!! 5 BARS!!!!" Was he shaking his head at my apparently over enthusiastic shrill of excitement? Or at the thought of 24/7 Kindle Store access??

Either way, I was ecstatic. Then I was scared. What would happen if I turned it off? Would my lucky streak disappear & be replaced by a Cannot Connect message!

Alas, after some (very brave, I must say) experimenting with the power slide, it sunk in... and it is my great pleasure to announce that I have Whispernet!! WOOT!!

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