Sunday, November 15, 2009

Swan Song (Kindle Edition) by Robert McCammon

It's finally here for Kindle!
Swan Song by Robert McCammon is amongst the best modern day post-apocalyptic books written, and I am just so excited to finally have this 900+ page book on my Kindle!

Those who have read Stephen King's The Stand will be unable to avoid drawing comparisons as there are numerous similarities - the presence of evil preying on the weak, post-apocalyptic days of of survival, the drawing of the good together to fight the bad.... but regardless of those, Swan Song is so rich is storyline & character that you can stop with the comparisons and enjoy it for what it is.

While our Cold War days are over, the nuclear holocaust is still one that frightens - as demonstrated in the many survivalist novels and film scripts written since. For fans of the genre, the event leading up to it isn't what's important: it could be a killer virus, natural disasters, terrorist attacks. It's the aftermath, the survival, that's shows us human spirit in the face of their worst moments that make these books so appealing.

McCammon's post war world paints a bleak picture; the armies of evil attempting to become the new government, the individuals who follow out of fear or malevolence, and those that go into hiding. But the overwhelming message of hope, that good can conquer, never fails: whenever there are people who are willing to abuse, they will be others willing to protect and defend. There will be those who join together to reclaim a decent society, willing to travel thousands of miles on the hopes & dreams of finding others like them, who are prepared to fight back for everything they believe is true. And many, if they can be shown just a glimmer of more positive future, will become strong again.

And in all that bleakness, McCammon gives us a beautiful message of love, hope & faith. That the purest of souls can be the most powerful.

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