Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Unbreakable by Sydney Somers

I refrain from giving this a 1 star because it's a book I might not have bought at full price (it was a freebie) and so I feel it an injustice to the author to be too judgmental. Putting a book as a freebie draws in those with no interest in the genre. Besides, it would be a bit hypocritical after my recent post The Highs & Lows of Kindle Freebies!

All that said, the demon tale is one I would choose to read if written by a favorite author, as I am a fan of horror and supernatural fiction, so I reserve the right to be a tad critical. The set up of the story (the pre-prologue, if you like) was great. It tells the history of the demons, how they came to be. It was well written, interesting & gave me hope that it would be a great book. The actual prologue was rather cliche-ridden with Gage and his "lethal charm" and Jordan resisting at every turn until she melted into his kisses. But I pushed on....

As we know from the pre-prologue, Shadow Demons roam the earth. They are evil, they feed on emotion. Jordan, our heroine, is a vigilante destroyer: cop by day, demon slayer by night, after she witnessed the brutal murder of her partner and lover at the sword of a Shadow Demon.

The storyline itself isn't bad, but it does lack development of the characters. Other than Jordan being stubborn and feisty, there's not much else that we learn about her. The twist in the tale isn't shocking - not because I expected it (I didn't at all) but because we didn't get to know enough about any of the other characters to really care, and so when the twist was revealed, it gave me more of a "oh" reaction than a "WOW! I never would have guessed" shocker.

My title on my Amazon review calls this repetitive, and it does become so. The same fight scenes replay, but worse - the same sex scene is basically repeated over and over. I think even those readers who love a racy sex scene would be disappointed. By the 3rd replay, I skipped them altogether. Nothing new here.

Since I downloaded it as a freebie, the price has yo-yo'd to $9.99 and now around the middle at $4.40. If you like paranormal demon slayers with racy sex scenes, go for it. Just not my cup of tea.

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