Thursday, February 25, 2010

Current Kindle Freebies

My latest freebie downloads... grab 'em while you can!

More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea by Tom Reynolds... a blog-in-book-form, the random stories of a London EMT. Sometimes depressing, sometimes funny, sometimes frustrating - this is one of those books with short extracts that you can pick up and read anytime.

The Apothecary's Daughter - one for the historical fiction/ romance reader/ anglophiles. I haven't started it yet, it's in my TBR pile. That pile's up to about 85 books now, so I am not sure when that will be! But it has decent reviews so I might give it a whirl.

FANG: A MAXIMUM RIDE NOVEL - Free preview: Book One
Okay, okay this is just a preview. I know. Enough people have been getting their knickers in a twist over Patterson's free book previews for this & for Witch & Wizard, that I don't need to join them. It's a teaser for the release of Fang, book 6 in the Maximum Ride series next month.
Followers of Max probably won't like it (yes, Patterson narrates as a teenage girl, but my teenage kids love it so who am I - a mid to late 30's nerd - to comment?)
Fun reading, nothing more, nothing less.
[Full edition of Fang will be released March 15. Low raters.... deal with it!]

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