Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tip #13: Kindle Blogs: Reading Blogs on your Kindle

Kindle Blogs.... if you haven't tried reading blogs on your kindle, give it a go! I've been discovering a few blogs that are fun to read. With a 14 day free trial, you can't go wrong really. It's a bit like sitting in the waiting room at the dentist, flicking through the old magazines. You find bits you like and skip the bits you don't. Most are priced at 0.99 a month. Some are at 1.99 - but, the bloggers don't control the prices! Amazon controls it, and I've seen quite a few bloggers asking to set their price lower, only to get a canned response by Amazon that they price what they think readers will pay. Not fair to the writers really. From what I can tell, most tend to drop to the 99 cent price eventually.

[Aside: I stopped offering this blog for kindle because over winter, I just didn't feel like writing much so it wasn't fair to subscribers. I might start again IF THIS SNOW EVER STOPS.]

Currently there are several thousand blogs available for download to Kindle, with every topic under the sun being available. The few I've read so far seem to look good on the Kindle, in terms of formatting Pix are black and white, of course, but you can usually scroll down to click & enlarge them. New posts are automatically downloaded the next time you turn on your wireless connection.

The downside of downloading blogs to Kindle is that when bloggers link to Kindle books, it doesn't take you to the Kindle store (so you can't buy & download directly). Instead it takes you to Amazon on the web. Don't blame the bloggers though as some reviewers do... that's something that needs to be addressed by Amazon. (Feel free to call and nag them about it!)

My recent reads are below. I've tried a couple and deleted them. Not because they were bad, so much as they weren't something I'd read often enough to keep them around. Currently on my Kindle...

Modern Pioneer A journal of learning to live self sufficiently

Bible Verse of the Day: So, I've been thinking about going back to church lately. I've been procrastinating for a few years. Haven't really found a church I feel comfy in, so I am easing myself in. Lots of research and some gentle bible reading. So gentle in fact, a verse a day kind of suits me right now, gives me something to mull over.

Amazon Daily: permanently free so why not? Random stuff by random people.

Kindle Nation Daily: The inside scoop on all things Kindle - what it says

I Love My Kindle: Kindle musings, tips and trick and the latest Kindle news

And and myself of course! eReader1 is also available on Kindle

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