Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy St David's Day!

To the Welsh readers, or those of Welsh decent, Happy St David's Day!

For those who don't know it, Wales is a truly and naturally beautiful country, with some of the most gorgeous countryside anywhere. I grew up with a view of the Welsh mountains from our living room window, with the River Dee and a rather marshy couple of miles separating us. It's only now - many years later - that I can appreciate how beautiful a country it is, how Wales has some of the greenest hills in the world, and produces the best tasting lamb in the world! Of course, as a child being taken on caravan holidays to Anglesey, it wasn't so exciting!

With such a rich and deep history it's no wonder the Welsh have such a deep sense of pride. In US, I find that not many people know much about Wales, let alone when St David's Day falls. So, for history buffs and travelers, or to simply read about somewhere new, take a look at some Kindle ebook offerings:

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