Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kindles in The Wild

Oooo I saw  my first Kindle In The Wild last week! 

I am surprised it's taken so long to see another in the flesh, so to speak. What, with a) Kindle being utterly brilliant, and b) attending kids' sports games, I see lots of other moms and dads hanging around with a book in hand so - small town aside - we do read around here and I expected to start seeing a few eReaders appearing! Alas, it was on a trip into the local land of culture last weekend (Pittsburgh) that I finally spotted one. I was taking photos of everything in sight and I would have taken one of the chap reading his Kindle in the Omni William Penn Hotel lobby on Friday afternoon, but I thought that would just be rude. Instead I satisfied myself with a loud "Oh a Kindle!" exchange between my son & I.

Which brings me to a question about advertising.... when did you first read or hear about a Kindle? How many Kindles do you see in the wild?  I didn't become aware of them until about a year ago. After a couple of days trying to justify the old price of $359 to myself (now a bargain $259), I took some of my tax refund and placed an order. But it was really by accident that I saw it on Amazon, because back then I wasn't an Amazon shopper. Now that I read Kindle forums and blogs, I just assume everyone knows about them. But do they? I still get lots of people thinking I have a tiny netbook in my hand or asking to have a look at it.

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