Monday, March 8, 2010

Read an Ebook week 2010: Gardening and Eco-Living

My husband and I both like gardening and are committed to making our lives more self sufficient and earth friendly.  I prefer gardening on the Pretty Flower variety while he prefers to put food on the table.

With a rough economy, more and more people are looking to ways to save money and often grow food or raise livestock such as chickens. Plenty of books - both paid and free - are now available to help with just that!

Although we have our favorites, it's hard to limit recommendations to just a handful of books: are you looking for growing some potatoes on your patio? Planning an acre of veggies? Check out the 3+ starred and above: Vegetable Gardening books and blogs for Kindle and ebooks for raising chickens

Next on my reading list are some of the great ebooks on eco-living:

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