Monday, March 15, 2010

Tip #15: Accessing Yahoo Mail and Gmail Email from Kindle

Using the Kindle web service is a little like swimming through molasses, unless you keep to simple searches and mobile friendly websites. But it can be done at a pinch and if you don't mind the long wait for pages to open. I wouldn't use it for composing massive emails, but certainly if you want to check your Yahoo email while you're out & about with your kindle, you can!

First, turn on your wireless connection (Menu > Turn Wireless On) and go to the web (Menu > Experimental > Web).

Once at the web, click Menu > Enter URL


Other options:
Yahoo Messenger

Once signed in, you can bookmark this on your Kindle for future access. (Menu > Bookmark This Page).
To access this page at a future date, click Menu > Bookmarks and scroll through the pages

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