Friday, April 9, 2010

Tip #16: Downloading non-Amazon books to Kindle

There are so many sites out there that sell or provide free ebooks! I've been compiling a list at my ebook site page for many of them, you can read them on your Kindle app on your pc, or just read the pdf version.

1. Transfer from computer to Kindle

You can also transfer an ebook to your Kindle by downloading it to your computer and then transferring to your Kindle via the USB.

Save the ebook file to a folder on your desktop. Click the file, right click > COPY.
Plug in your Kindle USB to your Kindle and computer.
Go to My Computer and you'll see a new drive that says Kindle. Click it and go to the Documents folder. Within that folder Right click > PASTE. The book file will now transfer over.

Go back to My Computer and click the Kindle drive. Right click >EJECT (or REMOVE). Then you can unplug the USB and check your ebook has appeared on your Kindle.

2. Download via Whispernet

There are some though that you can access from your Kindle and download via Whispernet. This is free via WiFi or may have a fee for 3G downloading (15 cents per MB within US, 99 cents per MB outside US).
More info on fees and how to set a price limit

  1. ManyBooks mobile site (Kindle Compatible).
  2. FeedBooks – you have to download and can then downloads books directly. There is a help article, or you can use the mobile version of feedbooks (which is not as easy as using the book).
  3. Munsey’s mobile site.
If you know any other sites likes this, or have experience with these websites, please leave a comment! 
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    1. I'm planning to order for a Kindle. As I'm from India, it is still not available here and have to import.

      I have a doubt to clear before I purchase a Kindle. As I don't have neither a Wifi or 3G connection, I can not use Kindle online. This means I've to get the books downloaded to my PC and then transfer them to Kindle through USB. Is that possible, or must I've internet on my Kindle to use it?

      I have read all of your posts about Kindle and all are very useful, clearing most of my queries.

    2. Hi Prasad,
      You do not need internet on the Kindle to use it. You can transfer the ebooks via USB from your computer. In fact, for the first few months I had my Kindle, I had bad 3G signal and rarely used the online service. I did all my transfers via USB.

    3. Thank you Danielle. I am going to get one now.

    4. Enjoy it! And Amazon's Kindle team is extremely helpful if you email or call them!