Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kindle update delay??

If, like me, you've been checking your Kindle every few hours to see if 2.5 has been downloaded, you might be a little disappointed. Although this status update isn't dated, I'm fairly certain it's very recent:
"We know Kindle customers are anxious to receive the 2.5 software update, so we wanted to provide you with some details about its status. We've rolled out the 2.5 software release to a set of Kindle customers and have received great feedback from these early customers. Based on this feedback, we are making some small adjustments to improve the experience further. We will be rolling out the 2.5 software update to more users over the coming weeks."

A reminder of what we're waiting for:
 - collections: a method to tag and organize ebooks. As now, we can scroll to "books", "subscriptions" and "personal docs" we'll be able to scroll to collections: our own subsets, based on tags we chose. We can allocate books to more than one collection (read/ unread, genre, rating system, or however else we want to organize)

- password protections
- pdf pan and zoom
- more fonts and clarity
- the ability to tweet passages of books or share to facebook.

Are you a beta tester? Do you have your update yet?  Would love to hear when others are getting their update!

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