Saturday, May 15, 2010

Look back: Alice in Wonderland

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is truly a book best read with pictures. Vivid imagery makes this old tale a classic. No doubt you read it as a child, as I did. I had a lovely hardback copy with beautiful illustrations which sadly never made it through the years of house moves.

Given the new hype of the movie release, I realized I'd never bought this for my own children. We downloaded it on the Kindle, since it was an evening and we couldn't get to the book store. Even without images, it's still a great book of course. It's a quick read but with it's wild story telling and fun poetry, it's a super read-aloud with the kids. I found myself visualizing the pictures from my old hardbook from the 70s - amazing that my memory can pull them up from my old book, yet I can't remember where I put my bag yesterday!

The images in my old book were color versions of the original John Tenniel - I'd love to see them originals put into a Kindle version. If you know a good Kindle or ebook version with illustrations, please leave a comment!

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