Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tip #23: Slow/ Delayed ebook downloads on Kindle

Recently I experienced delays in receiving some of my ebooks via Whispernet, as well as new posts on some of my blog subscriptions. At first I thought it was because I'd let my battery run low and was trying to download a very large book (90,000 locations). But when I realized I was missing older blog posts too, I supposed that this was not my fault. A glance at posts online, on Kindle's facebook page for example, told me I wasn't alone.

I fixed my download issue with a Restart. To do a restart (not just turn off and on again):

  • From Home Page on your Kindle, click MENU
  • Use 5-way to reach SETTINGS and click
  • Click MENU again, then scroll to RESTART.

Your Kindle will turn off and take about a minute to restart again, a bit like a computer reboot. then try reconnecting to wireless, and do another sync.

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