Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Do you have your Kindle update yet??

I am reading on facebook and Kindleboards that people are starting to get 2.5.2 update! Woot! I haven't checked yet. Despite checking my Kindle six times a day in late May when we expected the update, I am being very self controlled today. I will finish work and then I will rush upstairs and check.

If you don't have the update yet, apparently you can get it here:

I am not getting it there; I'm rather nervous to try it from an unofficial source, although some on the Kindleboards reported that it works.


  1. Update: Just been reading some conflicting info...

    One report suggested only K2i owners were seeing the update so far, but according to facebook pages, some K2 users have received their update, and lots of K2i haven't.... so seems to be very random, and I will not rant about K2i getting it first as it seems to be untrue.

  2. Just hopped by - did not know about the update! Thanks for the info!

  3. Hi, visiting via the Hop. I have been driving myself nuts checking for my update and it's not here yet. Now you have tempted me to try your link. hmmmmmm