Monday, July 12, 2010

Back from vacation!

A fly by post as I re-adjust and get back into work. We took a much needed vacation to the seaside and had a very relaxing time. There is not much to beat watching dolphins swim under sun that's setting over the ocean....

So my Kindle came along, of course. After drooling over new covers all year, I never did get a new one, so I zipped my Kindle up in a plastic zippered case that a pillowcase came in!  It worked to keep the sand out. The most awesome thing though?  Being able to sit on the beach and buy a book online and be reading instantly!  And being able to sit in the car on the 8 hour journey home and check out my facebook page and see what my friends had been up to!  How cool is that! No wi-fi needed or USB cable but instant access.

I do love my kindle!

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