Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kindle Active Content (2.5 or higher, DX)

If you have a Kindle DX or Kindle 2, version 2.5 or higher, you can now add software - such as games - to your Kindle.

Currently there are 2 free games available, both word games, and you can shop for them from your Kindle - they appear right on the front  page of the Kindle Storefront.To get them from the Amazon website, search for the term "Active Content". These are the only 2 items currently available for Active Content but I am sure there will be a few more things coming.

The current games are really quite simple and basic, and I don't think they take away from Kindle's core purpose as a dedicated reading device. Shuffled Row is very like a one-person Scrabble and Every Word is an anagram-type game.

If you have a Kindle 1, you won't be able to get these although you can still access Minesweeper, a built-in game.

 If you have Kindle 2 but less than 2.5, time to get your software update.

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