Thursday, August 26, 2010

Reading without my specs

I had a new experience recently: trying to read without my glasses. I've worn glasses for about 25 years and I am short sighted. Don't need bifocals (yet!) so thought my close-up reading was fine.

In recent months I have suffered a lot of headaches. Partly stress, partly the weather but mostly because of some new glasses I bought - they were a bad fit and had some damage to each lens that affected my eyesight and gave me blinding headaches. So for the first time in years, I tried to spend some evenings without my glasses in the hopes of giving myself a break from the headaches.

Being so used to spectacles, finding myself lens-free was very difficult. I couldn't see anything on TV. The faces of my family were blurry, and I could not even tell the time on my watch. But I could still read! Oh yeah! That's one of the fantastic features of a Kindle versus a regular book. For those few nights, I could go large print - or even EXTRA EXTRA LARGE PRINT (by the way, it's even bigger than that) until it was large enough to see.

The downside is having to turn the page much more often, but hey ho. At least I could read.

Of course, I could also have turned on Text To Speech. The ebook I was reading supported it, and if my headaches were too bad even for the large print, I could still have the book read to me. So I might have forfeited TV or a movie, or driving or even walking. But even with blurry eyes, I was not deprived of my books.

[Tip: To change text size or turn on text to speech, press the Aa button on the bottom right of your keypad].


  1. You know, I cant even hear without my glasses! Yes thats right, hear. I think for me, if I cant see you, I cant hear you. LOL

    Ive worn glasses for years but always took them off to read. I had to get progressives last year (sucks getting old) and I still take them off to read! I do read in my contacts though.

    Hope your headaches get better and you're right, changing the text size rocks!

  2. LOL I go deaf too. I think, unlike blind people who have tuned their other senses so finely, we are so dependent on our specs that, when we lose them all our attention is dedicated to trying to see again and not be all blurry.