Thursday, September 30, 2010

A few freebies for Kindle

If you're a freebie collector you probably have all of these already. Here are a few recent freebies out there that may capture your attention. I haven't read them, just sharing the info. I do download quite a few myself - not that I'll ever get through most of them probably, but I plan to add more family members to my Kindle account - and they might just like my Kindle library!

And Thereby Hangs a Tale: Free Short Story by Jeffery Archer. Never read any Archer?  I read a few as a teenager, but don't remember a whole lot, so I will give him another try.

Ian Rutledge: Mysterious Profile #24 by Charles Todd. This is a pre-order, priced as free. No product description though, so your guess is as good as mine.

Granny's Wonderful Chair by Francis Browne. Short story collection.

Nelson Mandela's Leadership Lessons (Free for a Limited Time) by New World City, published by FT Press.

Interesting... some free text books. I'm checking them out just to see if they'll be useful to my kids.
CK-12 Algebra I and 8 other CK-12 texts are all currently free for Kindle.

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