Friday, September 17, 2010

New Kindle ad and some reactions

Seen the new Kindle vs Ipad ad on TV yet?  Whilst I really liked the old artier TV commercials, I think many people just didn't understand them or even figure out what the Kindle was about. For the near 18 months I've owned one, barely anyone would ask about it if I carried it around, and if anyone did, they'd never heard of it.

Now, however, the gloves are off and Amazon are ready to start battling it out. With the iPad no less.  The message is clear: if you want a no-fuss, no-nonsense serious e-reader device, then the Kindle is the way to go.

And the result?  Nearly every time I have my Kindle out with me, someone asks "Is that a Kindle? Can I have a look?" I don't mind showing how it works, especially with collections and better organization that we now have. Don't need to worry about what titles are on the home page or whether someone is going to be offended by a title.   To teachers at school, I can show the YA collection,for example. To people at church, I can show them the great Kindle-format Bible. To teenagers, I can show that they can also listen to music and check their Facebook page, or share a favorite book passage on Twitter.

Of course, the Kindle isn't for everyone. If your book must also show videos or be written in colorful text or act as a laptop too, then you probably won't want a Kindle. But that K3 sure does look tempting!

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