Thursday, September 2, 2010

Who has their new Kindle 3 yet?

I wonder how many have their Kindle 3 yet?  I read online that some people have had problems with their system freezing. Of course, Amazon customer service is outstanding and they are usually quick to help - and if they can't, they are quick to replace a faulty new item.

I know - I had my Kindle 2 replaced twice in the first 30 days of having mine. The first had a terrible sun fade issue (an issue that seemed to haunt some Kindles for a few months in 2009). They replaced it immediately, but the 2nd one had a damaged screen. Again, they replaced it immediately, no problem.

Amazon also offer the no-questions asked 30 day money back, so in effect you get a 30 day free trial to see if you like the Kindle. If not, you can send it back. That's even better than testing it in the stores: you get to discover so many of the numerous great features. I read on Facebook yesterday many people didn't realize you could go online with a Kindle, or directly load PDFs to Kindle 2 and above, or password protect it. Some of these were people who owned a Kindle and they hadn't explored it. So the 30 day trial at least gives that chance to discover how it all works and what the reading experience is really like.

So I am so curious about how the Kindle 3 compares to Kindle 2. I still haven't decided who in the family is getting one. Someone will before the year is out, I just don't know who. Really I am waiting to hear how awesome it is so I can justify buying more than one :-)

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