Thursday, October 14, 2010

Target's selling of Kindle

I finally went to Target to check out the Kindle 3 and to decide it if I really need to upgrade my Kindle 2. The display model was hooked up so it could run through an automated demonstration, showing font sizes. I couldn't play with it, so didn't get to see any of the new features.

I did talk to a Target employee about it. They had none in stock, and I was told they only get 3 or 4 at a time and they sell out immediately. He was very enthusiastic about the Kindle and I thought he was doing a great job. Until.  Until he said, "And we'll be selling the iPad soon too, so if you want to get on the internet, you have the option of buying an iPad instead."

Woah! Back up! Say again? 
Apparently none of the employees in the electronics section knew that Kindle had a web browser at all. I had to pull out my Kindle 2 to give him a demonstration. Cool, he said.

Bit worrying though, from Amazon's point of view, if Target staff are all getting it so wrong, and even more so when Target sells the Kindle and iPad alongside one another.

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