Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Highest Kindle Sales Day Ever!

According to Amazon's Kindle facebook page, Tuesday saw the biggest sales day ever for Kindles!  Apparently the new price, all the TV ads and WiFi is really working well!  So much for the iPad being the death of the Kindle, as predicted earlier in the year.

Given the rush on orders, I AM finally ordering my K3, with 3G and WiFi. I like the 3G on my K2 too much to give it up. My husband gave me the green light to get one 6 weeks ago for my birthday, but I've delayed because I couldn't decide which cover to buy for my new one... stick with the lovely M-Edge that I have; go with the Oberon cover that I've drooled over many times; or get the new ones from Amazon with the built in light (currently on sale).

I decided the cover can wait.... I don't want to risk them selling out, as they have several times before, so I am buying now and shopping for my cover later!

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