Saturday, January 22, 2011

A new Kindle Book Quiz - for your Kindle!

Brain Bump Literature
There are now games galore available for Kindle. Most are 'thinking games' - word games or strategy type, for example, but here's one that looks interesting.

Brain Bump Literature is a book trivia game, asking over 700 questions about literature and giving multiple choice options. What's interesting is that after answering a question, you get a choice to go to the next question or "Explore this question at the Kindle Store" . This latter link takes you straight to the Kindle Store to browse the book or related items.

This is curious because links in blogs and magazines only go to the Amazon website, not to the Kindle store, which I always think is a shame. I like reading review blogs on my Kindle and would go straight to the store and buy.

I downloaded the game, for the sake of a thorough review. So far my questions have ranged from Christmas Carol, 1960s poets, Twilight Series, Alice in Wonderland, John Grisham and Virginia Woolf.

This might be an interesting way to pick my next book to read.

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