Sunday, January 2, 2011

TIP: Put your blog on Kindle!

For those new to Kindle, you may not know that you can download blogs to your Kindle from the Amazon Kindle store. There are thousands of blogs published for Kindle, on every possible subject out there, from cooking to sports to humor to free Kindle tips.

They do have a small cost, most are 99 cents per month, a few are 1.99. Amazon set the price and they do come on a 2 week free trail to see if you like them. They are formatted a little differently to blogs on the web - you don't see all the archives, links or advertisements. You can get a list of recent articles though.

Want to get your blog out there to Kindle readers? With so many Kindles out in the wild these days they are a great way to gain new readers and even earn a little money from them. You receive 30% of the sale price, so 30 cents per reader per month on a 99 cent blog.

To set up your blog for publishing, visit . Note that you cannot publish under your existing Amazon account, and do have to create a new account.

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  1. Thanks for sending me over here and I will definitely look into this.

  2. Hi! I just stumbled upon your website and gald to see that you specialize in eReader topics. Us new to Kindle readers and blogging do appreciate post as this as we are looking for more options to help our online ventures.Thanks for sharing. I am looking forward for your future blogs.