Friday, April 15, 2011

Limited Time Kindle DX Sale, $299, save $80

Staples ran this sale a few weeks ago. Now, in Amazon's Goldbox Deals today, Kindle DX is listed at $299 - that's $80 off in a limited time sale! Kindle DX is the large Kindle, with a 9.7 inch screen - good for reading textbooks, newspapers, graphs etc. It's a 3G model (no wifi). On the Goldbox page it says:

Only 17 hours left
(or until they're all gone)

What I am wondering is this: does the statement until they're gone mean "until the x number on sale have run out" or until they are all gone?  Are Amazon about to announce a wifi version of DX, I wonder? 

$299 is a great price for this big device, from the original cost around $500 a couple of years ago.  This comes just days after they announced the new $114 Kindle With Special Offers option: as well as the current Kindle WiFi and Kindle WiFi+3G, a new WiFi edition has been launched at a lower price with the pay-off being sponsored screensavers. 

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