Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kindle AdMash - Kindle owners choose screensavers for Kindle-SO

Amazon AdMashA few weeks ago, Amazon introduced the new lower priced Kindle with Special Offers. Priced at $114, it also gets special offers such as 1/2 price gift card options, $10 book credits etc. Great bargain, in my opinion, that opens up Kindle and accessible reading to even more people!

The payoff is that the lower price (wifi only) is available because this particular Kindle is sponsored. Current sponsors are Buick, Visa and Olay. They place small ads on the Kindle homepage (not the books themselves!) and on the screensavers.

One of the nice things about these screensavers is that you do have an option to manage your preferences, and also you get to vote on them with AdMash

Amazon AdMash is the new free Kindle app - available for Kindle latest generation only - that allows the Kindle community to vote of which Kindle screensavers they prefer.

The screensavers with the most votes will be the ones shown on the new $114 Kindle with Special Offers (Kindle-SO).

  • Wi-Fi must be turned on for AdMash, therefore it is not available for older Kindles
  • Although Kindle 3G and regular Kindle WiFi get to vote, only Kindle-SO gets to see the screensavers when the Kindle is in sleep mode
  • Not all Kindles have these sponsored ads. Kindle WiFi and Kindle WiFi+3G do NOT see ads, but can vote on them with AdMash. Only the Kindle-SO will see ads. 

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