Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kindle with Special Offers - where to find the offers!

If you have one of the hot-selling new Kindle with Special Offers for $114, you will have seen some of the special offers that show on your homepage or screensaver. You might have decided to ignore an offer for now and take advantage of it later. But what if it doesn't pop up again at a convenient time?

At any time, you can view all current offers. Click Home, Click Menu, select View Special Offers.
Use the 5-way controller to select any current offer to learn more. Offers are updated and some are for a limited time. Example below.

The best value one I have heard of so far is get an Amazon Rewards credit card and receive a $100 gift card to Amazon. That pretty much pays for the Kindle!

What offers are showing on your Kindle-SO?

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