Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kindle for PC - Updated

I am LOVING the updated Kindle for PC.

Kindle for PC has been updated so that you can now:

- Copy and paste, Add Notes. Highlight, Google It, Use Dictionary
    Just highlight a word within a book to get options. We have this with Kindles but it's new to the app.

- Look up Book Extras of Shelfari 
   This is reader added information that tells you what's next in a series, whether or not it's suitable for kids, who are the main characters etc
- Report errors 
   Oooo! I love this.  I often highlight misprints or typos and send them off to publishers or authors. This makes it real easy!  Again, highlight, right click and select More > Report error.

- Import collections from your Kindle
  So why would you do this if you don't like to read on a computer? For one, it makes a great visual library so browsing what to read next is very easy. What I really like too is that it doesn't download the library unless you want to read the book. You can look through your library, even move a book to a different collection, but it's not downloaded and index until you tell it to do so.

I particularly like this because I download a lot of books that are free or in sales, and by the time I come to read them, I have forgotten all about them.

New Import Collections feature

None of these benefits will make me ditch my Kindle device, but they are great to use. I have Kindle for PC at work so we can all read some work-related books from one account. Other than that, I didn't bother with it until now. Now I think I will be syncing it and using it for a few things on a regular basis. 

If you have Kindle for PC already, you need to download again to get the update. You won't lose any books you have on there.
Download and see other Kindle apps:

EDIT to add:  You can manage your collections back and forward from Kindle to PC back to Kindle.

First, you need to sync the most up to date system.
If it's your PC, click F5 or Tools > Sync.
From Kindle, Menu > Sync and check for items.

Then to move collections:
On the PC, File > Import
On Kindle, Menu > View Archived Items. At the top, click "Add Other Device Collections".

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