Wednesday, September 28, 2011

4 New Kindles announced today!

WHEW! What an exciting morning! 4 new Kindles announced, pre-orders have begun.

Summary: We still have regular kindles, what we called K3 and are now called Kindle Keyboard. That has WiFi Option, and 3G option, both with option of Special Offers or not.

NEW:  Below there are sometimes 2 prices. Lower price is SO (Special Offers version) were you have sponsored screensavers and small ads on the homepage, plus special offers from Amazon and sponsors. No SO is the regular one without ads or special offers

Some of these are PRE-ORDER only and are sure to sell out for Christmas. Kindle WiFi  $79 - $109 - 1400 books, no keyboard Kindle Touch 3G $149- $189. Touchscreen, no keyboard.  Kindle Touch, Wifi only $99-$109. Touchscreen, no keyboard  Kindle Fire WiFi only $199- the new tablet

Existing models:

Kindle Keyboards (what we called K3 are now Kindle Keyboards)

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