Saturday, October 1, 2011

Amazon back up personal documents for Kindle

We've been able to send personal documents to Kindle for a long time. Until now, we had to keep a back up on our computers of those documents, so if you bought a book on another site, you'd want to save it somewhere in case you lost your kindle.

Now, Amazon are providing 5 GB of 'cloud' storage for those personal documents!  If you send books to your Kindle email address, they will now be backed up for you on the Amazon server! (You can turn this option OFF if you don't like it). You don't have to save this service for books - you can use it for all sorts of documents!

If you have more than one kindle, example, a multi-kindle family
You will now have one main kindle address for emailing documents. At first, only your main kindle will be on it. You have to manually add the others. Why? Well you might not want your kids receiving some of your personal documents so better that it's you who decides that, not Amazon!

To manage these settings, visit your Manage your Kindle page (sign in required). Visit Manage Personal Documents, and see the various options.
Spam is avoided by you managing which email address can mail you documents! You can add your boss, if he/ she wants to email reports to your Kindle. You can add your mom if she wants to email you a letter in word format! You can simply keep it as you and no-one else.

The great thing about all this? If you get a new Kindle, you will be able to add it into the loop and forward all these documents - with bookmarks & annotations, straight to your new device!

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