Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kindle Fire Sales estimate - 5 million in Q4

According to CNET, pre-orders for the new Kindle Fire are at record levels for Amazon. Estimates have the Fire predicted to sell 5 million units in the 4th quarter.

US shipping starts in ONE MONTH! Don't miss out for Christmas gifts - Units are sent on a first come, first serve basis & if demand gets too high, the shipping date for new orders will be put back.

Other new Kindles include the Kindle Touch, and the new basic $79 Kindle unit! Kindle WiFi  $79 - $109 - 1400 books, no keyboard Kindle Touch 3G $149- $189. Touchscreen, no keyboard.  Kindle Touch, Wifi only $99-$109. Touchscreen, no keyboard  Kindle Fire WiFi only $199- the new tablet

Existing models:

Kindle Keyboards (what we called K3 are now Kindle Keyboards)

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