Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tip #41 Creating image folders in a Kindle

TIP.... creating a picture folder on Kindle e-inks... (for Fire, pix show in the gallery app)

For e-inks, plug your kindle into a computer with USB. Go to the kindle drive (My computer > Kindle) and open it up. You will see several folders, such as documents.

1) Create a new folder and rename it pictures
2) Click into that and create another folder. Rename it anything you like. Mine is called Pix.
3) Copy and paste photos/ images into that folder. I do mine in jpg.
Eject your kindle (back to kindle drive, right click > eject)

Now... go to Kindle, click ALT Z at the same time to refresh. You will now have a folder on your kindle called Pix (or whatever) with the images inside.

**Note - watch image sizes. Large images will eat up memory so crop big files and/ or reduce quality. These will be black & white on a small screen, so your high megapixel camera images might be too much without cropping.

Other features:
  • F - toggle full screen
  • R - rotate
  • Alt Q/W will produce a ruler (for kindles with a number row, Alt + number to move along the ruler)
  • Q - Zoom in
  • W - Zoom out
  • E - Reset the zoom level

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