Tuesday, July 17, 2012

3rd Year Anniversary & Win a Kindle Fire - coming soon!

Some time ago, I switched from blogging about Kindle to doing short snippets on Facebook as Kindle Tips & Tricks (Facebook.com/eReader1). Doing Facebook fits into my busy schedule more easily than blogging, though I do miss the blog.

eReader1 on Facebook, Kindle Tips & Tricks

But between the blog and facebook, I've been writing about Kindle now for 3 years! And to celebrate I am going to be giving one lucky winner a chance to win a Kindle Fire!! Details will be up shortly, the rule being we have to reach 7500 members on the Facebook page first!

Contest coming soon!

I also want to start doing more book giveaways and will be inviting authors into a monthly book sweepstakes. The book will be promoted on the facebook page and here on the blog for the week of the promotion, and in turn the author covers the cost of the prize with 1, 2 or 3 winners. If authors want to offer bigger prizes, we can talk about it.
I will have some guideline requirements - for example, I will not promote erotica or anything with extreme violence, and book covers & titles have to be suitable for most audiences, including young teens. More details on that in the coming weeks. If interested, leave a comment below or contact me through the messages on the Facebook page.


  1. should we recommend our favorite authors to enter or suggest them to you to ask them?

  2. Hi Lori, I am working on the details right now, but it will probably be a combination. I'll set some guidelines and authors can contact me about it.
    If there are specific authors people want, I can contact them too.

    When I have it all determined (or close to!) then I'll list the guidelines here and on facebook.