Friday, July 27, 2012

Kindle 3G web browser limit

I saw a post on a forum recently where a lady reported getting a message on her Kindle Keyboard 3G web browser that she had reached her monthly limit of 50MB.

This is new. Up until recently Kindle Keyboard with 3G had unlimited web browsing within US. It seems now Amazon may be bringing in limitations to reduce costs of this service that we get for free.
NOTE that this does not affect wifi service - you can browse all you like on that. Likewise with the Kindle store - it has no affect on using 3G to use that. 

It also doesn't affect the other kindles as they did not have unlimited 3G web browsing.

Can Amazon change these terms? They sure can. The web browsing has always been "experimental" and was therefore nothing more than an unsupported bonus. With Kindles being so popular and all other companies requiring a data plan to use 3G I was always pleasantly surprised they offered it unlimited for as long as they did. Still, you can use it & I'm curious to see how quickly people reach the limit.

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