Saturday, July 21, 2012

Our Kindle facebook pages have moved!

I was recently contacted by Amazon to remove the name Kindle from our facebook pages. The username and URL of the main page was actually eReader1, the same as this blog, but the tag was Kindle Tips & Tricks. Amazon emailed me though my affiliate account with them telling me this is against their policy. I am quite the rule follower, so obliged and created 2 new pages for the US page eReader1.US and the UK page eReader1.UK.

Common questions...

Why new pages? Why not just change the name? I wish I could! But with Facebook, when a page reached 200 pages then you cannot change the page name. Presumably this is to stop pages switching from a nice user friendly name to something offensive that people wouldn't want or simply recognize in their news feed.

Between the old US page and the old UK page we have more than 12,000 members. Transferring is a bear because Amazon want the old pages closed in 3 business days. Not everyone logs into facebook every day or even more than once a week, so I suspect we will lose a lot of people.

Is this a scam?
People have thought maybe the old Facebook page was hijacked. Alas no, it's still me. And it's all legit.

Is the Amazon email a scam?
I don't believe so. The details were pretty accurate for my account, and the headers looked right to me. Amazon don't provide an easy contact email or phone number for affiliates (or sellers, for that matter) so we never get the same rep twice when asking questions. Awesome customer service for buyers, but not the best for affiliates or sellers.

What about the Kindle Fire Giveaway?

This contest was to mark our 3rd anniversary and to celebrate reaching 7500 members on the US page, It was due to start when we hit 7500 and we were about 45 members short of that.
So, do you have to wait for the new page to reach 7500? No. I will go ahead with it anyway, probably starting Sunday evening.
To those who got angry on the facebook page and said telling you this was a waste of time, please don't enter. The prize is expensive and I am doing it for those who love the page, as a thank you for supporting us and being part of this page on the blog for 3 years and on facebook for 18 months. This past 24 hours has been quite the challenge, trying to make this as seamless as possible for people and so people weren't worried they were being duped, clicking into a hijacked page or risking a virus or anything.

Thanks for everyone's patience and understanding! Love ya!

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