Friday, August 31, 2012

Free for Labor Day Weekend: SciFi at Smashwords

A tip: I've shared this a few times before, but it bears repeating. With a Kindle you can download books from other sources, not just Amazon. One such place is Smashwords. From there you can download the Kindle version to your computer, then transfer to Kindle by:
  • USB (plug in, copy & paste to the Kindle drive)
  • Email to your Kindle(find your Kindle's email address at > manage your devices
  • use the Send to Kindle program
These last 2 options will save the book to your amazon library too.

Special offer this weekend, from author Tim Baer, is a free Scifi/ Steampunk book. Use code ZA54J at checkout to get this book for free!  Code expires Sept. 4

Will Write SciFi For Food, Too

Labor Day weekend sale, use code ZA54J  at checkout to get this title free at Smashwords

An anthology of five clean science fiction and fantasy stories.

Mayday Diaries -- It was a routine survey mission until the drive failed. A Christian SF story.

Shirkers -- Everyone's roll is vital in warfare. Almost an epic fantasy.

Taxed enough, Again -- At what point do taxes go too far?

Dingus -- Dingus the Qat saves the day.

Tunk -- A Steampunk story about when Brent and Tunk first met.

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