Monday, August 20, 2012

Harry Potter Vs. The Hunger Games

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On Friday, Amazon announced that The Hunger Games overtook Harry Potter as their bestselling book series. Though this is reported in several places as meaning The Hunger Games has completely outsold Harry Potter, I am not sure it is saying that.
This is sales. Not all retailers sales. Amazon sales also include ebook sales for The Hunger Games, but not for Harry Potter. This is because you can only purchase The Harry Potter ebooks through Rowling's own website, Pottermore. You can borrow the Harry Potter ebooks through the Amazon library through, if you are a Prime member

One other element that The Hunger Games kindles books have that Harry Potter doesn't is the ability for a one-time borrow. If you purchase the HG books you can lend it, one time only, to anyone with a Kindle app, and with such a popular book, that one loan can lead to the friend buying the whole series. The publishers know that of course - that's why all the movie and book merchandize sells so well, so I am not sure why the Rowling camp didn't allow for this.

What say you? Which series do you prefer? And how about Harry or Katniss? Professor Snape versus President Snow? Wands versus arrows?

Hunger Games

Harry Potter

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