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Wed. afternoon - 9 Free 4 star books

At the time I share these books, prices are as stated in USA, and possibly in other countries too. Check the price when you click the links: some are free for hours, some for weeks.
If you accidentally click & realize it was no longer free, you have a 7 day window to claim a refund from amazon.
They all have at least a 4 star average rating.

The Philanthropist's Danse 
Contemporary Fiction

Twelve people. Five days. One fortune.

Johnston Thurwell, one of the world’s richest men, dies unexpectedly. His family expects to inherit his wealth, but instead discover the dying philanthropist has spent his last days planning something called The Danse. The twelve most important people in his life are brought together to decide the most important question at the end of it. Who will inherit his fortune?

The family is sequestered in the philanthropists’ remote country mansion with a group that includes his best friend, his most loyal servants, and his greatest rival. They must agree who among them will share the fortune, but they must do it against the clock. Every twenty-four hours, the fortune is reduced. In just five days, it will all be gone.

The thin veneer of civility among the twelve is ripped away by naked greed as their lust for money drives them into betrayal, blackmail and violence.

The desperate family will do anything to save their inheritance. Except share it.

The River


The South Nahanni River area of Canada's Northwest Territories has a history of mysterious deaths, disappearances and headless corpses, but it may also hold the key to humanity’s survival―or its destruction.

Del thought her father was long dead. But someone from her past says otherwise. Now she and a group of near strangers embark on a perilous mission...

Seven years ago, Del Hawthorne’s father and three of his friends disappeared near the Nahanni River and were presumed dead. When one of the missing men stumbles onto the University grounds, alive but barely recognizable and aging before her eyes, Del is shocked. Especially when the man tells her something inconceivable. Her father is still alive!

Gathering a group of volunteers, Del travels to the Nahanni River to rescue her father. There, she finds a secret river that plunges her into a technologically advanced world of nanobots and painful serums. Del uncovers a conspiracy of unimaginable horror, a plot that threatens to destroy us all. Will humanity be sacrificed for the taste of eternal life?

At what point have we become...God?

 Scifi action/ Adventure

He has the power to Walk between worlds.

His captors think they can hold him.

They're wrong.

What do you say when offered a lifelong position in the most powerful and corrupt secret organization in mankind's history?

If you want your life to last longer than the job interview, you say yes.

In exchange for wealth, power, and training for his newly discovered abilities, all Daniel has to do is help them reach a new, unsuspecting world.

To make things worse, a group of desperate escapees pin their thin hopes on him, willing to risk everything on a miracle that Daniel has no idea how to provide.

Shackled with a restraint bracelet, constant surveillance, and superhuman captors, he must outsmart an overwhelmingly powerful enemy and seek freedom in the one place that is left to him, a new world that only he can reach.

Tempest at Dawn

The United States is on the brink of total collapse. The military has been reduced to near extinction, economic turmoil saps hope, and anarchy threatens, as world powers hover like vultures, eager to devour the remains. In a desperate move, a few powerful men call a secret meeting to plot the overthrow of the government.

Fifty-five men came to Philadelphia May of 1787with a congressional charter to revise the Articles of Confederation. Instead they founded the longest lasting republic in world history.

Tempest at Dawn tells their story.

Bad Radio (The Emergent Earth)

Sixty years ago Abe Griffin saved the world and gained eternal youth.

Or so he thought.

Now, a man that Abe believed to be long dead is killing the surviving members of Abe's old squad in order to reclaim the relics that they have kept hidden for decades.

The relics form an ancient beacon that must never be used, in a ritual that must never be completed. But the end of the world requires more than just activating the beacon.

It requires Abe.

With help from the granddaughter of his oldest friend, Abe must learn the truth about his immortal body, while at the same time trying to stop a horrifying series of supernatural opponents from sweeping away everything that he cares about.

Black Dragon, Black Cat
Historical fiction

When a baby girl is abandoned at the gate of a monastery in ancient China, the monks have no choice but to adopt her into their exclusively male society of world-renown masters of the art of kung fu. She is raised within the monastery with a small group of boys, watching the monks beautiful training exercises during the days and listening to recounts of glorious battles of great kung fu masters at nighttime. Her favorite stories are those of the grand tournament battles between the monastery grand master, Bai Chen, and the legendary Black Dragon, an unknown masked competitor with unequaled prowess in the art of kung fu.

Although the monks try to fulfill her physical and emotional needs, the girl becomes increasingly aware that she is treated differently than the male children, and develops a feeling of being unloved. She becomes increasingly isolated, and develops a deep yearning to become a great master of kung fu, dreaming of the day that she will be called to train in the art.
When the time comes for the children to begin their initiation into the art, the girl is crushed to learn that she will not be allowed to participate, and flees from the monastery without any thought as to the consequences. She wanders through the rugged countryside for days, tired and hungry, until she chances upon an old man on the bank of a green pond. The old man offers to take the girl into his home, promising to teach her the art of kung fu. Could this wrinkled old figure really teach her anything about kung fu? She doubts this to be true, but faced with another hungry evening, she readily accepts the invitation.

Thus begins the lifelong journey of Black Cat toward the only goal she can imagine: to compete in the Grand Tournament of ancient China and become a great master of the art of kung fu. She quickly discovers, however, that not only is her new master highly adept at the art of kung fu, but that her training is not as glorious as she had anticipated...

Giggleswick: The Amadán Map

It’s a natural phenomenon -- a small country in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean hidden from the rest of the world by a circle of unnavigable fog. It’s called Giggleswick, and twelve-year old Elliot Bisby has never heard of it, that is until he and his family are approached by an unusual man and asked to move there. Before they know it, the struggling Bisby family finds themselves on a tiny boat captained by a man who prefers a singing parrot to a compass, and they soon embark on a journey that no other seaman could make and live to tell about.

In Giggleswick, Elliot and his parents find themselves mingling with a colorful set of locals the likes of which include an Irish-Arabian bagpiper, a man who thinks he’s a knight, and a woman who does her exercises on the roof in high-heels.

At last, Elliot has found the happiness he’s been waiting for and a place to call his own, but what he doesn’t know, is that helping Giggleswick to remain hidden from the rest of the world may prove far more difficult and dangerous than he could have ever imagined ...

Wildwood (YA Paranormal Mystery)
YA Paranormal

A fifteen-year-old boy is sent to stay in a spooky English village with his grandfather for the summer vacation. He always knew he was different from other kids. He just didn't realize how different until he discovers his father was linked to an ancient pagan cult. If he doesn't get out of the village soon, he might never be able to leave.

Bradamant's Quest
Medieval Fantasy

First Place, Midwest Book Awards - It sounded like such a straightforward quest when Oberon proposed it—just gather up the magical talismans the fairies had given her family and give them back, now that King Charlemagne's war with Spain was over. But when Bradamant took on the quest, she didn't know that her brother would think it was trafficking with devils. Her cousins the magicians didn't want to give up their carefully indexed books of magic (much less the hippogriff—a useful steed and a loyal companion). Her sister-in-law was willing to give up the spear of Galafrone, but not until she'd finished using it. And her cousin Roland seemed to be haunting his grave, where his magically enduring sword was buried with him, and dead set against being disturbed. What's a warrior to do when valor alone is not enough for her to complete a quest?

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